Studying at the International Architectural Practice Postgraduate Course (Master di Secondo Livello) will give you the unique opportunity of getting in touch with teachers involved in the design delivery of high quality projects.

You will be taught all the skills related to the architectural production process, from the idea to its realization for high quality and complex buildings.

The course will prepare you to work in an international team in the context of the big practice through the knowledge of the key abilities such as the vision and the technical lexicon.

  • Admission is open to Master of Arch in Architecture or equivalent holders
  •  Deadline for pre-enrollment is 11th of January 2019 at 12:00 italian time
  • 15 places selected through curriculum and portfolio (Max 5 MB)
  • fee is 6000 euros for the entire course or 2000 euro for single modules
  • Classes are in English

Full presentation:

International Architectural Practice Master_English